INVECAS has a diverse portfolio of silicon- proven, enterprise-class, high-speed solutions that deliver ultimate performance for SoC’s.


INVECAS engineers have extensive design knowledge on Bus interconnect protocols, Integration of various Processor cores, SOC clocks, reset, fuse blocks and security mechanism.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES and INVECAS announce a partnership for leading edge technologies. INVECAS will provide design service.

INVECAS creating IP for 7nm chip for GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Experts corroborate that 7nm is among the most advanced technologies that will lead to more functionalities integrated onto the chip, reducing power consumption and reducing the size of the chip itself. According to GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ chief executive Sanjay Jha, 7nm technology, relative to 14nm, reduces power consumption by nearly half, apart from increasing performance by close to a third. [Read More…]

INVECAS to Enable ASIC Designs for Tomorrow’s Intelligent Systems on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ FDXTM Technology

INVECAS will provide IP and end-to-end ASIC design solutions as a part of the foundry’s FDXceleratorTM Partner Program, an ecosystem designed to facilitate 22FDX SoC designs for tomorrow’s intelligent systems. The collaboration accelerates the adoption of FDX technology in applications spanning Internet-of-Things (IoT), mobile, RF connectivity, and networking markets. [Read More…]

Full Spectrum of Eco-System Partners for Complete Customer Solutions

INVECAS has enlisted a full spectrum of Eco-System Partners in EDA, IP, foundry, package, assembly and test to provide customers with end-to-end solutions for all stages of their product development life-cycle starting from software architecture and design, ASIC design, silicon manufacturing, packaging, software development and integration, testing, QA, all the way to production and certification.

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