We value passion and we value experience. If you are a result driven professional wanting to make a mark upon the VLSI industry, INVECAS is just the right place. We will help you knead your passion and experience with great opportunities to bring the best in you.


Care. Comfort. Convenience – INVECAS for Employees

We believe in you! Which is why we are continually trying to make INVECAS your best experience through Life@ INVECAS initiative. Benefits and perks are just a modest part of the experience, we offer care and comfort like no other.
We have got your back!
The 6 keys aspects mentioned below will let you we are going to help you thrive in all the stages of your life, both inside and outside of INVECAS.



Healthy body and mental state together lead to a healthy community. We are working towards having a work environment that exudes a healthy aura at all times. You are our priority.



We believe in creating a community that is spiritually, mentally and physically healthy and happy. After all every individual plays a significant role being in the community.



Financial security is as crucial as the career itself. Finance empowers people, so we make sure our people are empowered and content as that motivates them to commit to their work even better.

family 2


Our employees are our assets. We provide benefits to employees that help them seek healthcare and medical facilities for their families too.



Not just another promise. We at INVECAS establish a premise for our people that encourages them to be better at what they do and achieve exponential growth ahead.



Our people enjoy a comfort that is unmatched, so much so that they never feel out of place. The level of convenience is so high people who join us do not want to leave.

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