Explore sensor/radar signal processing which enables autonomous driving 

11 July 2019
02:00 PM EDT for North America | 03:30 PM IST for India and Asia Pacific

What you get in this webinar

Modern day cars are fitted with various sensors such as Lidar, Radar, Camera, Ultrasonic and others that perform a multitude of the task. However, each sensor has its own limitations and its complex meshed network of cables. Combining and complimenting the inputs from various sensors, one can achieve enhanced ADAS function. We are working to make it happen in the near future, to evolve the way we commute and save millions of lives which get perished in automobile accidents every year.

The entire autonomous driving works on advanced electronics, sensors, and software. That’s why we call it “The Sensor Fusion- Software Car”. Please join this webinar to explore about this fusion and know more about INVECAS product roadmaps to achieve the same.

You’ll learn

  • Radar (Sensors) Signal Processing
  • Sensor Fusion and what it means in the context of Autonomous Driving


Taher Madraswala
Executive Vice President and GM


Taher contributed to building a full turnkey ASIC offering, with flexible engagement models, that enabled the shipment of over 100 million ASICs – worth over $700M – to a distinguished list of 100+ customers. With over 330 tapeouts to his credit, execution of over 125 ASIC programs over 6 years and having authored several procedures and methods.

Srinivasa Katuri


Srinivasa Rao Katuri has 19 years of Research and product development experience in automotive, industrial sensing, low power wireless communications, control systems, and semiconductor domains. He holds 21 US granted Patents, 5 trade secrets and 10 international publications in the areas of Radar, smart antenna technology, wireless radio sensor networks, and speech signal processing.

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Date: July 11, 2019

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