INVECAS provides customers with end-to-end ASIC design solutions covering architecture design, ASIC design and verification, silicon manufacturing, packaging, software development and integration, testing, QA, all the way to production and certification.

Foundry Nodes


INVECAS enables fabless semiconductor and systems companies globally to develop and deploy advanced SoCs on process technologies from TSMC and GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF), the best-in-class foundries. We have partnered with TSMC to work on T55, T40, T28, T16, T12, T7 technologies; and support all technologies from leading edge 14nm finFET, 22nm FD-SOI, 28nm to mainstream 40nm, 55nm, 65nm, 130nm, and 180nm from GF.



INVECAS partners with world’s leading assembly service companies to provide a wide variety of package options including SiP, Flip-Chip and WLCSP packages. Our in-house package design specializes in high speed package development, signal integrity analysis and modelling for most complex applications.

Test and Qualification


INVECAS offers test program development along with yield and failure analysis solutions, IP and SoC test and qualification solutions.

Supply Chain


INVECAS has an experienced supply chain management team providing integrated supply chain management solutions to ensure priority and accelerated time to market for customer’s end-products.

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